Food Allergen Information

CTL Allergy Policy

In an effort to provide a safe environment for all students, the following allergy procedures will be implemented. This policy strives to provide reasonable safety for students with allergies, while allowing the general student population to exercise their own diets as well.


Staff and student responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly wash hands, using proper handwashing techniques, after snacks and meals.
  • Daily clean desk and table surfaces using soap and water, or a pre approved disinfectant.

All Classrooms:

  • Nut free and egg free. 
  • Eggs that are baked into food (cakes, cookies, etc.) are allowed.
  • No peanut butter or other nut butters allowed.

Fellowship Hall:

  • Nut free. Peanut butter and nut butters are ok, as long as they are not at the allergy free table.
  • One or more tables will be provided that are completely allergen (nut and egg) free. Anyone sitting at these tables must not have any nuts or eggs with them.
  • Tables and chairs will be wiped down after every meal.

Hot Lunch:

  • Nut free.
  • Peanut butter may be provided in a prepackaged manner (i.e. – uncrustable).
  • Eggs, cooked or hard boiled, may be offered.

Special Note on Nut Free Items:

  • Packages that say “may contain nuts” are not allowed in classrooms or the fellowship hall (with the exception of peanut butter or nut butters).
  • Packages that say “processed in a facility that also produces nuts” are OK to use in classrooms and the fellowship hall.
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