January 29, 2019

Special School Pick-Up Procedures for January 29th Due to Weather

It will be cold, and likely quite windy at the time students are dismissed this afternoon.  For that reason, students will not be outdoors, waiting for their rides home.  They will be in the entry-way to the gym.  Please help us by doing the following:

  • Post a sign with the family name in the window of the vehicle.
  • Please do not wait on the street.  If the line (circle) is backed up to the parking lot entryway, please drive in and form a second line (circle).
  • You may choose to park in the eastern most part of the parking lot (in front of the gym where teachers park their cars) and walk into the building to meet your riders.
  • Be patient and kind.  The entry-way to the gym will be very crowded, and it will likely take longer than usual to get students safely to their vehicles.
Have a great, chilly day!
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