Jason Free

Sunday of the Passion Sermonette: This is His Story

by Jason Free on March 24th, 2024
Mark 14 and 15

Hosanna! It’s a beautiful cry of praise, fit only for a king. Hosanna! It’s a call for deliverance, recognizing that the one you speak it to can save you. Hosanna! It’s a prayer, a plea, for the help that you need. Hosanna! That is what they shouted as Jesus, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, entered Jerusalem. The Savior had come to save his people. 

It makes for a good story. A King coming to save his people, a king coming to save us all. And, that is what happened. Jesus did save us. He is our Savior. He did answer our cry for help, and he certainly deserves our praise. And knowing that is enough, knowing Jesus as your Savior from sin, believing in him, yes, that is true saving faith. And, yet as you read the story of Jesus – who he is, what he did, and why he did it – you come to realize that this man, God’s Son, not only sought to save us, but he also wanted to have a real, personal relationship with each of us. What Jesus did, what he went through, this was love. It wasn’t just a job. It wasn’t just a role. It was personal…done out of love for you.  a love unlike anything you and I can ever give, yet in Jesus 

Today, you’ll see that deep love. You’ll see it as Jesus spoke kindly to a woman who didn’t deserve to be near him, but now is forever remembered because of him. You’ll see it at a table as Jesus sought to warn his betrayer and then broke bread with his disciples. It’s there as he prayed and wept, but stood, ready, at the hour of his betrayal. So, many instances of Jesus’ love for a world that didn’t love him back: his silence before his accusers. His simple Words of truth that would lead to his death. The mockery and abuse he endured, even though he was a King! And then there was his greatest act of love, a cross.

When they put him up there, he stayed; he didn’t come down. Instead, he was forsaken – “My God, My God…”it was hell, and with a loud cry, he, Jesus, breathed his last. “Surely this was the Son of God!” And, let us never forget it. Jesus is the Son of God, but in love God gave him up to forever love you, and me, and this world lost in sin. This is the story of that love; God’s love for us. This is the story of a King who answered our shouts of hosanna in a way that only he could, with his life; he gave everything.

And that life he gave has forever changed you. It has become a part of your story. It guides you, corrects you, encourages you, comforts you…it defines you. We are God’s children. So, let’s hear the story of Jesus, the story of our salvation – long promised; now fulfilled – in Christ Jesus, God saved us from our sin. This is his story. May we never tire of hearing it and sharing it. Amen.

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