January 4, 2019

Grace – Hmong Outreach in Vietnam

Sometimes God opens doors to mission opportunities that we may not have imagined possible. One of those doors has been opened to our synod. We have been given the opportunity to take the gospel to the Hmong people living in the country of Vietnam. We’ve not only been asked by a large Christian group in that country to teach and train their pastors in Lutheran doctrine and practice, but we have also been invited by the government of Vietnam to establish a theological training facility in Hanoi. We invite you to pray for this mission in Vietnam and to consider giving a special gift to support this ministry. In your church mailbox, you will find a brochure with more information along with an envelope which you use to give a special gift to support this ministry. Your gift can be placed in the offering plate or be made online at wels.net/vietnamhmongoutreach. May God bless the spread of the gospel in Vietnam.

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