Faith, Family, Future

Faith, Family, Future is the name of Christ the Lord’s capital campaign program. Over the last decade and a half, God has blessed us with continued growth. We have been praying for opportunities to reach more and more souls with the Word of Christ and expand this family of God we have been blessed to share together. We have developed this capital campaign program to help us move forward, in faith, and respond to these opportunities.

Phase 1

In the first phase of Faith, Family, Future, we made plans to expand our sanctuary and narthex in order to accommodate growing families and community visitors. During the three years of this phase, from November 2018 through November, 2021, God blessed our efforts in ways that we did not anticipate, and donations were received in excess of the project goal of $3,000,000. We plan to begin construction in April, 2022.

Phase 2

We are now beginning Faith, Family, Future 2, the second phase of our capital campaign. We have a special opportunity to expand our school facilities during the construction of the sanctuary project to grow our Lutheran elementary school and early childhood ministries. In addition, we wish to continue to pay for our mortgage outside of our budget.

Our goal for Faith, Family, Future 2 is to raise $1,000,000 over a three-year period from January, 2022 through December, 2024, through pledges and outright cash gifts. Contributions for the capital campaign will be over and above our regular first-fruit offerings.

You can find more information on Faith, Family, Future 2 in the Faith, Family, Future 2 Case Booklet and options for giving in our Ways to Give document.




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